Exploring Tourism in Georgia
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Kazbegi Marathon

The gorgeous scenery of Mt. Kazbegi was certainly a motivating factor for more than hundred runners from sixteen countries participating in the second Kazbegi Marathon on 10 September 2011. The framework conditions were quite favorable for such a challenging sports event: cloudy but good weather, not too hot, and slightly windy. And the three routes – 8 km, 21 km half marathon, and 42 km full marathon (everybody according to her or his capacity) - were well marked with flags and posts to get some cool drinks and energizing food items (bananas) as well. Visit Georgia and partners did an excellent job. However, many may have underestimated the special conditions of a mountain marathon beforehand. It is quite different from a city marathon of course. The altitude of Kazbegi (about 1600 m) and the steep trail up to the beautiful Gergeti Monastery (about 2300) as well as some cold breezes from the large slopes of the mountains is not like passing crossroads in London or New York. Hence, it was an exceptional endeavor. I do hope that this is going to facilitate tourism and local development in the extremely beautiful village of Kazbegi and its hospitable inhabitants as well. Next year some of the international crème de la crème in the marathon business may feel attracted as well. More competition among professionals is what is needed in the future. And more bands playing rhythmic music alongside the trail! Guenther, Switherland

Very Hospitable

I have just spoken with travelers and they were really happy. Tamuna was wonderful. So it was nice talking to them because they had great energy about Georgia. They said they did not feel any hospitality before on tour. As soon as they entered Georgia everything was arranged so beautifully... Zulya, USA

Botanical Paradise

We had a truly wonderful time in Georgia and we all learnt so much from Sophia about its history, archaeology and the monasteries, and from Manana about your wonderful flora. We learned much more than we get from reading the guide books. Sophia really made each site come to life and that was great. The weather was kind, too. The flora of Georgia is unique with so many refuges, where plants survived the ice-ages, and then, in later times, the great influx of the floras from all around, when the weather warmed, coming into the area to produce so many plants in Georgia and the Caucasus which grow nowhere else. So exciting for us. Bob, UK

Great Experience

The campsites - they were all absolutely lovely, different from each other and all with wonderful views and a real feeling of being out in the middle of nature. I though the camping routine generally worked very well and the local team suported us very well with erecting tents, cooking and packed lunches, etc. Very good quality of camping equipment. Frankie, UK

Wonderful Destination

Wonderful guides and group. Camp sites were exceptional and trails were virtually devoid of other hikers. A first rate destination that has yet to be discovered. Harold, USA