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Gori & Uplistsikhe

Uplistsikhe, Georgia

The town of Gori is located in the very heart of Georgia. Gori is known to have been besieged by the Roman general Pompey in 65 BC. The 7th-century fortress of Goris-Tsikhe still dominates the town. But probably Gori is best famous (or perhaps infamous) as the birthplace of one of the 20th century’s most controversial leaders - Joseph Jughashvili, better known as Joseph Stalin, the “Man of Steel”. Today he is still revered in his hometown as the greatest leader the USSR ever had, yet elsewhere his reign is regarded as an evil nightmare. In Gori you can visit the Stalin Museum, the tiny house where he was born and his private bullet proof railway carriage.

Uplistsikhe is the oldest cave town in Georgia. Back in the first millennium BC it was a flourishing city situated on the great east-west trade route, the Silk Road. Visitors can still walk among the ancient streets, rock-carved theatre, royal halls, pharmacy, pagan temples and Christian churches, while the remains of granaries and large clay wine vessels give us some clue as to the daily life of the inhabitants.

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